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Hi, I’m Stephanie, mother to Max, a sweet, funny, and wonderful little boy. This is our journey.

An Open Letter to the Farm Owner Who Didn’t Judge My Family

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An Open Letter .. Dear Farm Owner, You likely don’t remember us, you probably see hundreds of families come in and out of your apple orchard throughout the day.  But I remember you.  You were a lovely woman, you had short brown hair and you were wearing a maroon jacket. We recently visited your farm with our [...]

Autism and the Haircut Dilemma

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Haircuts can sometimes be difficult for children with autism and many parents of children with an ASD are all too familiar with the challenges of taking their child to get a haircut.  These challenges can range from sensory issues or anxiety about what will happen during the haircut.  I think the latter applies to [...]

Autism Doesn’t End At 5

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If you have a young child with ASD and you live in the province of Ontario, then you are aware of the governments new funding revisions. Children 5 and older are being cut off from government paid therapy. What they are doing families in our province is disheartening to say the least. A [...]