Don’t Ask Me If I’m Going to Have Another Child

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Mind your own business...   Why do I feel as though I constantly have to defend my life choices to others? Four years ago, shortly after my son’s autism diagnosis, my husband and I made a difficult decision, we wouldn’t have a second child. I come from a large family, I’m the eldest of [...]

Dear Teacher, My Son Has Autism. Here’s What You Need to Know

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Dear Miss N, By now school is in full swing.  You’ve learned your student’s names and faces, you’re getting to know each of their likes and dislikes, and you’re still acquainting yourself with every child’s strengths and weaknesses, it takes time. Having said all of that, I’m fully aware that each of your students [...]

Accepting the Journey, A Father’s Perspective

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Accepting the Journey... For a little while now, the operator of Autism Journey has asked me to write a blog for the site — a father’s perspective. I started a few times, but it never seemed right and didn’t finish. I’m glad I waited until now, because I’ve learned the most important thing: [...]

Seeing the Beauty in Autism

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Seeing the Beauty in Autism It's easy to see the dark side of autism.  The difficult behaviours, the meltdowns, the sensory overload, the seemingly never-ending sleepless nights, the feeling of social isolation and the many, many other demands that parenting a child with autism brings forth. Seeing the beauty in autism can be challenging when [...]

10 Ways to be a Friend to an Autism Parent

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How to be a friend to an autism parent...   Your dear friend has shared some very personal and difficult news with you: her child has been diagnosed with autism.  You may not know what to say or how to act.  You don't really know anyone else with an autistic child, so this is [...]