The many benefits of gardening for autistic children.

There are so many benefits to going outside with the kids. For starters, they get some sunlight and fresh air. With kids stuck to their tech, going outside gives them a break and a chance to enjoy the natural, wonderful open air. The garden gives them a chance to see insects, flowers and plants which will help them to learn more about the environment. Spending time in the garden is a good chance to have family time.

As well as playing in the garden, you should teach them about gardening. It’s a brilliant hobby for kids as they learn more about the environment and boost those important behaviour and communication skills. For children with autism, gardening has some benefits. In fact, here is how gardening can help children with autism.

It can encourage positive behaviour

A lot of kids with autism find it difficult to keep their behaviour under control. They can’t keep their emotions at bay and may have negative or anxiety which affects their behaviour. A lot of parents struggle to find ways to boost their behaviour. Therefore, looking for a hobby is a good start to help the child.

Having gardening as a hobby is a great way to encourage them to show positive behaviour. In fact, a lot of therapy sessions include gardening in their sessions and a lot of parents as you can see in this article from the Guardian have found it a positive experience. It puts their focus and attention on planting and tending to the flowers. It helps to cut bad behaviour as they enjoy working outside in the garden. You will soon notice an improvement in their behaviour when they spend time gardening with family and friends.

It teaches the child to cooperate and work with others

Teaching children with autism to socialize is so important. They find these situations uncomfortable and they struggle to spark up a conversation. In fact, they will avoid these situations and will struggle to make friends. Gardening is a great way to help them to communicate as they have to speak to others while gardening. They can work along someone else to dig and plant the flowers. They will find it easier to open up while they are working together. Even gardening with a parent or close friend will give them a chance to build on their socialization skills.

They will soon find that cooperating with others will make the gardening process easier. After all, they will need to work with another person when digging the soil to create a place for planting. So, it will teach them how to work with others in a comfortable environment and they will soon make friends.

It is a quiet and calm hobby in a safe environment

While it’s beneficial to take an autistic child to a fun environment, they often crave quiet and solitude. In fact, if the area is noisy or unfamiliar to them, they will become shy and may struggle to contain their behaviour. They might act out and you will have to head home. Therefore, gardening enables them to practice a hobby while in a safe and happy environment. They know the environment well so they will feel safe and secure.

It’s also a calming environment and a lot of people with anxiety tendencies find solitude while in their garden. Gardening is a relaxing hobby that puts your attention off any concerns and helps you to concentrate on the task at hand. Therefore, taking part in this hobby will help to calm the child and encourage them to relax. Once they have planted their seed, you can get a garden bench from a company like Sloane & Sons Garden Benches which they can use to sit and admire their growing crops while relaxing in the garden.

It will help them to follow instructions

Following instructions is a challenge for a child on the autism spectrum. As discussed on the benefits of gardening, they find it hard to shift their focus from one task to the other. So, gardening is a great opportunity for them to practice following instructions. After all, an adult will tell them what they need to do such as digging a hole or watering a plant. They will need to follow each instruction to enable them to fulfil each task. As they learn how to garden, they will want to do a good job so will follow instructions.

It can teach them responsibility and leadership

When you look after plants, you have a new-found responsibility to tend to it every day. After all, you need to keep it alive and want it to grow to its full potential. Therefore, gardening will help a child with autism to understand responsibility. They will learn that it will be their responsibility to make sure the garden is well looked after. So, it will help them to gain leadership skills to take charge and look after the garden.

It helps them put their motor skills into practice

It’s so important that you help your child to work on their motor skills. After all, they struggle to control these movements. Therefore, gardening offers them the perfect chance to put these skills into practice. After all, they will need to dig, plant and water using their motor skills. Therefore, gardening will help them to fine tune these motor skills for their daily life.

Author, Edward Sloane

Edward is the owner of the very successful Sloane & Sons Garden Benches, they supply a range of high quality garden benches that enhance your garden all year round.