Father of Autism, Chronicling Our Story Through Art

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"Simply gazing at the uniqueness of my son brings about so many differing emotions." My name is Kapil Sharma and I am an employment specialist for people with disabilities. More importantly I am a father to a child with autism.   My oldest son, Lukah, has autism and is therefore neurodiverse.  I entered vocationally [...]

The Unexpected, Invisible Gifts of COVID-19 and Autism

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The Invisible Gifts of COVID-19 & Autism When the pandemic began in March 2020, it seemed like our lives were put on hold. Schools and businesses closed, cities and states issued stay-at-home orders, and we stopped seeing friends and family to prevent the virus from spreading. For parents and caregivers living with children [...]

Meet Ryan, A Rising Autistic Autism Advocate

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"Once you fully get to know me, you'll see that I can be a very good friend." Hi, I'm Ryan. I was diagnosed when I was 3-years-old. Even before I was diagnosed, I always knew I was different, always wondering why I couldn't be accepted or why I couldn't fit in. Some still [...]

Overcoming Obstacles On and Off the Golf Course

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Beating the odds, Autism and Golf Meet Daniel Steele(Danny), our 22-year-old Autistic son. Danny was born in Puerto Rico, and moved to the USA as a baby. At age 2 he was diagnosed with Autism. As parents, we fully accepted his situation, he became our #1 priority. He has been fortunate enough to [...]

Five Incredible Ways Dogs Help People With Autism

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Five Incredible Ways Dogs Can Change Lives You're probably familiar with guide dogs for the blind and hearing dogs for deaf people, but did you know that there are incredible ways that dogs can help people with autism? In this article, our friends at Breed Advisor have detailed five incredible ways in which [...]

All-Time Funny Moments With My Autistic Son

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All-Time Funny Moments with My Autistic Son Don’t let the title give you the wrong idea - autism is no joke. However, if you are a parent of an autistic child you probably find some humor in every day challenges. I know I do. I must admit I went through a phase of [...]

Activities For Children With Autism

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Ideas To Help Your Child with Autism Get Active Exercise and sports provide a number of benefits for children with autism such as better overall health, reduced levels of stress, improved sleep, improvements in coordination and motor skills and opportunities for social interactions. Encourage arm movements with fitness ropes, such as a jump [...]

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