Autism Awareness

Tips for a Successful Family Outing with Your Child with Autism or Developmental Disabilities

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Tips for Successful outings... Coordinating family activities can be a challenging task for any parent.  But when one or more of your children have autism or a developmental disability, a simple walk to the park can become overwhelming, or could even prevent families from enjoying much-needed quality time together. Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Director [...]

Taking the Bite Out of Dental Visits for Children with Autism

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Taking the "Bite" out of Dental Visits for Children with Autism Dental visits are a pain for most of the kids. The word 'dentist' ticks them off like it is the most terrible thing in the world. But, for children with autism, these visits can be really distressing and difficult. Knowing that children with autism [...]

A Journey of Autism & Faith

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My development began normally until 18 months, when I began to rapidly regress, losing the ability to communicate words I had previously learned and ceasing to have eye contact.  As I entered kindergarten, the school specialists labeled me as emotionally impaired.  My mom refused this label and told the professionals, “My son’s disability is [...]

One Family’s Journey Through Autism

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A family's journey through autism. There's no denying that autism parents are quite familiar with the difficulties and challenges raising an autistic child brings forth.  Having said that, many autism parents can agree with this: never underestimate the knowledge of an autistic child. The Jepson family. Top left to right: Laurie and Bryan. [...]

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