An Unbreakable Bond Between a Teacher and Student

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Ms. P and Mr. K Kenden met Ms. P two years ago. Her entrance into his life was a total game changer. I have read many stories about special bonds and the positive impacts teachers have with their students and I am so blessed I am able to share my son’s story about him [...]

The Many Gifts of a Daily Journal

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How journaling has helped my son. Typical kids go to school and they share pieces of their lives with peers and teachers with ease. Classrooms and hallways are abuzz with news like: “We got a new puppy.” “My brother is home sick.” “I went to the aquarium this weekend. The otters are my [...]

How to Best Advocate for a Student with Special Needs

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How to advocate for a special needs student. I’m not someone often at a loss for words. I’ve spent most of my adult life in trial, teaching, and speaking. But, almost a year ago I was DM’d a question that has left me speechless. A teacher wrote me a “simple” inquiry. “How can [...]

Navigating the World of Early Childhood Special Education

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As a school psychologist, I work in the public school system as part of a play-based assessment team. I am mostly responsible for evaluating children aged three to five for autism, emotional disturbance, and intellectual disability. Because I evaluate 3-5 year olds, it is often the very first experience the family has had with [...]

Music Therapy Q&A, An Expert Weighs In

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Ask Tamara. Your Questions Answered... You may never have thought of music therapy as a therapeutic learning tool for your child.  Maybe it's something you've been curious about but haven't pursued, or you maybe you've never heard of it. Well, look no further!  We asked Tamara Leszner-Rovet, an experienced and skilled music therapist, about the benefits [...]

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