Father of Autism, Chronicling Our Story Through Art

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"Simply gazing at the uniqueness of my son brings about so many differing emotions." My name is Kapil Sharma and I am an employment specialist for people with disabilities. More importantly I am a father to a child with autism.   My oldest son, Lukah, has autism and is therefore neurodiverse.  I entered vocationally [...]

An Unbreakable Bond Between a Teacher and Student

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Ms. P and Mr. K Kenden met Ms. P two years ago. Her entrance into his life was a total game changer. I have read many stories about special bonds and the positive impacts teachers have with their students and I am so blessed I am able to share my son’s story about him [...]

8 Ways Yoga Therapy Can Benefit Children With Autism

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The Benefits of yoga therapy for kids with autism Although Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects 1 in 68 children, the spectrum itself is pretty broad.  ASD can vary in terms of the effects on communication skills, social skills, anxiety, and repetitive behaviors. This makes every child with autism unique and none of us [...]

Five Incredible Ways Dogs Help People With Autism

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Five Incredible Ways Dogs Can Change Lives You're probably familiar with guide dogs for the blind and hearing dogs for deaf people, but did you know that there are incredible ways that dogs can help people with autism? In this article, our friends at Breed Advisor have detailed five incredible ways in which [...]

Mental Health Wellness Guide

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Recognizing mental health at an early age. As our awareness for mental health grows, so does our knowledge of how to detect the signs of mental disorders. Recognizing mental health at an early stage is important to better ensuring a good quality of life for those with mental illness. With one in five [...]

Activities For Children With Autism

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Ideas To Help Your Child with Autism Get Active Exercise and sports provide a number of benefits for children with autism such as better overall health, reduced levels of stress, improved sleep, improvements in coordination and motor skills and opportunities for social interactions. Encourage arm movements with fitness ropes, such as a jump [...]

Benefits of Music Therapy for Children on the Autism Spectrum

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The Language of Music Music is a great therapeutic tool for people with different abilities and ages, more so for children with autism. Medical experts have shown its calming effects and how its helped autistic kids integrate into society. A study done in 2004 by the Journal of Music Therapy showed that ASD [...]

A Practical Guide to Home and Classroom Sensory Activities for Autistic Children

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Home and Classroom Sensory Activities for Autistic Children Children are naturally playful and love exploring their senses, learning new things about the world around them through sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. Whether a child is shaking a rattle or putting objects in their mouth, this is known as sensory play. It is an [...]

Why Cruise Vacations Are Ideal For Kids With Autism

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Why Cruise Vacations Are Ideal For Kids With Autism For so many of us, vacations are essential. With the number of Americans embarking on family vacations set to top the charts this year at almost 100 million. Vacations offer a welcome break from the monotony of the day-to-day but when you have a [...]

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