Seeing the Beauty in Autism

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Seeing the Beauty in Autism It's easy to see the dark side of autism.  The difficult behaviours, the meltdowns, the sensory overload, the seemingly never-ending sleepless nights, the feeling of social isolation and the many, many other demands that parenting a child with autism brings forth. Seeing the beauty in autism can be challenging when [...]

Music Therapy Q&A, An Expert Weighs In

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Ask Tamara. Your Questions Answered... You may never have thought of music therapy as a therapeutic learning tool for your child.  Maybe it's something you've been curious about but haven't pursued, or you maybe you've never heard of it. Well, look no further!  We asked Tamara Leszner-Rovet, an experienced and skilled music therapist, about the benefits [...]

Autism and the Haircut Dilemma

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Haircuts can sometimes be difficult for children with autism and many parents of children with an ASD are all too familiar with the challenges of taking their child to get a haircut.  These challenges can range from sensory issues or anxiety about what will happen during the haircut.  I think the latter applies to [...]

How Music Therapy Helped My Son Niam Speak

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From my own experience, I can say without a doubt, music therapy has helped Niam manage stress, enhance his memory, improve his communication and help his social development. Niam is a 13 year old boy with autism, minimal speech and comprehension, who can be described as an artist, a autism model, movie junkie, [...]