Father of Autism, Chronicling Our Story Through Art

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"Simply gazing at the uniqueness of my son brings about so many differing emotions." My name is Kapil Sharma and I am an employment specialist for people with disabilities. More importantly I am a father to a child with autism.   My oldest son, Lukah, has autism and is therefore neurodiverse.  I entered vocationally [...]

The Boy from My Dreams

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"Nothing ever deterred me from the conviction of that dream..." Like many little girls, I dreamed of the day when I would get married and have children of my own. The dreams would change slightly over time, but one thing remained constant. Images of a towheaded, smiling little boy named “Arthur” haunted my [...]

My Pride and Joy

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"Her achievements and those of children like her deserve to be celebrated..." It’s that time of year again, graduation.  As I scroll through Facebook, I see post after post of adoring parents boasting the accomplishments of their children: Grade Point Average, college pursuits, athletic achievements, class rankings, and more.  These parents are excited [...]

A Letter to Fellow Parents of Children With Special Needs

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Dear Parents... Rayni Brindley, Devereux's SVP of Organizational Development, and mother to a child on the autism spectrum has written a letter to fellow parents of children with special needs. The letter provides some light relief and steps to stay safe, healthy and calm during this crisis. Dear Families and Caregivers: I wanted [...]

Autism is My Son’s Superpower

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"Autism is difficult and stressful but it’s also indescribably special." Recently, my Mom asked "what does ASD mean?" It hit me that I never explained what it stands for. ASD is an acronym for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Someone can be mildly, moderately or severely autistic. In Kenden's case, he is severely autistic because [...]

All-Time Funny Moments With My Autistic Son

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All-Time Funny Moments with My Autistic Son Don’t let the title give you the wrong idea - autism is no joke. However, if you are a parent of an autistic child you probably find some humor in every day challenges. I know I do. I must admit I went through a phase of [...]

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