Recognizing mental health at an early age.

As our awareness for mental health grows, so does our knowledge of how to detect the signs of mental disorders. Recognizing mental health at an early stage is important to better ensuring a good quality of life for those with mental illness. With one in five children having a diagnosable mental health disorder, it is imperative that parents and caregivers learn the signs to know how to best support their child.

A number of mental illnesses — such as ADHD, anxiety or other behavioral disorders — can make themselves known by observing a child’s behavior. Pay attention to sudden changes in conduct and how the child interacts with others. These warning signs can include aggressive or destructive behavior, extreme disobedience, difficulty concentrating, or hyperactivity.

Identifying these signs can help parents know how they could best support their kids in ways that may seem small but make a big impact. The sooner children receive the professional attention they need, the better they can learn to cope and help themselves in the long run. Learn more about symptoms to watch for and what to do to help using the accompanying mental health wellness guide.

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Mental Health Wellness Guide created by Sami-Aid

Bijan Farhangui is the founder and CEO of SAMI-Aid, an online healthcare company that offers virtual urgent care services in the form of affordable phone and video calls with board-certified physicians. He used his knowledge and experience of business and healthcare to bring efficiency to the healthcare marketplace.