My Autistic Child Is Awesome

Autism Parents Share their Stories

I was recently reflecting on how my “awesome little guy” is growing up. When I think about how wonderful he is, and how much he’s changed us, I get all sappy and giddy at the same time.

I started to wonder about how other parents of children with an ASD feel about their children and why they think their kids are great. So I asked!

My child is awesome because…

“Although his progress has been slow, any new gain is a huge victory. I can see the excitement on his face when he has accomplished something new and it melts my heart.” – Cheri, mom to James, 6

“He once faked being sick so he could avoid going to school. As soon as I got off of the phone with the school to notify them he wouldn’t be in that day, he smiled, cheered and ran around in excitement. Did I mention he’s non-verbal?” – Chuck, father to Sylvain, 5

“My son loves to sing! Anytime I sing a song or sing along with him, he will firmly say “don’t sing, mommy!” and I immediately stop and laugh. It’s just one of his many quirky characteristics.” – Natalie, mom to Jake, 3

“My daughter wants to fit in with her peers so she asked that I enrol her into a gymnastics class with some of her classmates. Her gross motor skills aren’t fully developed compared to the other girls her age, but she is putting forth so much effort. Her determination and will to succeed has amazed me beyond words.” – Liz, mom to Lily, 8

“When my son received his autism diagnosis, his doctor informed us that many people on the autism spectrum do not have a sense of humour. That couldn’t be further from the truth! My child is probably one of the funniest people I know, he has a wonderful sense of humour. To this day, I still resent that generalization.” – Amer, mom to Shane, 11

“Julian knows more about the solar system, Carl Sagan, the cosmos, Mars and NASA, than I could ever know in my lifetime. I don’t care what anyone says, his passion on these subjects drive him and it makes me proud.” – Paula, mom to Julian, 10

“My daughter is non-verbal, yet she is currently writing an autobiography and she is a classically trained pianist.” – Liam, father to Chelsea, 19

“My boy is a talented artist. He is non-verbal but his canvas has become his voice, an outlet for himself and it makes him happy. That’s all I could ask for.” Carolyn, mom to Justin, 15

“He is a great kid. Yes he has challenges and the occasional meltdown, which isn’t so much fun. But I look at my son in awe every single day. He is growing into a beautiful and amazing person right before my eyes and I am proud to be his mother.” – Karen, mom to Lorne, 5

“My daughter has difficulty recognizing emotions and often laughs when she sees someone cry. I once cried in front of her and she ran up to me, grabbed my face and said “Mommy, don’t be sad”. That, of course, made me emotional and I cried even harder!” – Siobhan, mom to Lesley, 4

“My son likes to tell me about the weather. He is always so proud of himself when I tell him he’s right. I like that he is aware of his surroundings.” – Sabine, mom to Kaleb, 4

Sometimes the victories are small and the challenges ever-changing. but there is one thing we know for certain, our children have some amazing qualities.