Beating the odds, Autism and Golf

Meet Daniel Steele(Danny), our 22-year-old Autistic son.

Danny was born in Puerto Rico, and moved to the USA as a baby. At age 2 he was diagnosed with Autism.

As parents, we fully accepted his situation, he became our #1 priority.

He has been fortunate enough to have been in Autism friendly schooling since pre kindergarten.

Danny was non-verbal until age 7.  He went through all the trials and tribulations of elementary school, middle school and high school graduating in 2017.

Most recently, Daniel completed a 3-year transition program and recently attained a job at a local ice cream shop.

As Daniel’s mother, I’ve dedicated myself to ensuring Danny was involved in Autism related social groups and all programs available to help and assist him.

Danny is the greatest gift that’s ever been given us. He is an outstanding, polite and loving young man. He is his dad’s best friend!

Six months ago, Danny announced that he wanted to learn to play golf.  Golf, one of the hardest sports to learn for anybody. He has been taking weekly lessons and has excelled!! His dedication, patience and persistence have been amazing. He has a goal in competing in the 2022 golf Special Olympics. Daniel was recently featured in a sports article in our local newspaper. Beating the odds, Autism and Golf.

As parents we have gone from the dark moment 20 years ago hearing a diagnosis, to the brightest light in our life!

Proud parents,

Nadja Rivera, Jim Steele

You can follow Daniel on Instagram at @autism_through_my_eyes

Daniel Steele

As a 22-year-old living with autism, Daniel “Danny” Steele shocked his parents when he told them he wanted to learn golf, notoriously one of the world’s most difficult sports.

You can follow Daniel on Instagram at @autism_through_my_eyes