Show Notes

Episode #4
Mishka and Samko

Mishka Sibert is the Founder of Happy Autism, an advocate for autism and autism siblings, an international speaker, and a Certified Life Coach registered in the American Union of NLP.  Mishka created Happy Autism with her autistic non-verbal brother Samko, who is nine years younger than her. Samko’s art was recognized by the Hollywood actors Ben Affleck & Anna Kendrick and featured in American Forbes and in the national Slovak media. Mishka has been a speaker at autism events for global companies like ADP and Adobe.

Mishka was born in Slovakia and studied at the University of Westminster in London, UK. She wrote and published an internationally praised book Mother’s Guide to Sibling Relationship’s about navigating the sibling relationship on a journey with autism.

Connect with Mishka:

Road to Independence documentary:
Click here to purchase her book The Mother’s Guide to Navigating Sibling Relationships: Navigating the Sibling Relationship on the Journey with Autism

Episode #3

In this episode, she discusses her autism diagnosis, childhood experiences, her current struggles, and her support system. Olivia experiences severe anxiety, depression, and meltdowns due to her autism. She has a lot of support from her family and friends, but still struggles with feeling like a burden.

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Episode #2
Trevor Bumbarger

Trevor is an autistic singer, songwriter and producer. He has written and produced over 15 songs and isn’t slowing down. In this episode, Trevor shares his thoughts and insights into being autistic, he discusses his music and more.

Trevor recently released his new single “Journey” which is now available.

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Episode #1
Ryan Lee

On this episode, Ryan Lee discusses his experiences growing up with autism, including being bullied, feeling ashamed, and having difficulty making friends. He found solace in a support group called Spectrum, which helped him find friends he could relate to and advocate for the autism community. He also discusses the difficulty of masking his true self in order to fit in with certain social groups.

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