Autism Isn’t A Lifestyle Choice

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Autism Isn't A Lifestyle Choice Autism diagnosis continues to increase year on year. With that comes more awareness and hopefully more acceptance. More and more adults are now seeking diagnosis and some even ‘self identify’ as autistic. Not a day goes by when there isn’t a press article, a blog, a meme or [...]

Navigating the World of Early Childhood Special Education

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As a school psychologist, I work in the public school system as part of a play-based assessment team. I am mostly responsible for evaluating children aged three to five for autism, emotional disturbance, and intellectual disability. Because I evaluate 3-5 year olds, it is often the very first experience the family has had with [...]

Why I Waited to Tell the People Closest to Me About My Son’s Autism

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I had my reasons for not sharing my son's diagnosis right away I’ve never been one to share the personal details of my life, I’m the opposite of an open book.  My privacy is sacred to me.  This was especially true after my son was diagnosed with ASD.  So when my husband [...]