What Autism Means to Me…

Autism has a different meaning to so many.  It isn’t just hand-flapping and spinning.  Autism is not Rainman.  It’s all sorts of stims in all sorts of ways.  Autism is smiling, laughing, crying, running, repeating and meltdowns.

We wanted to know what autism means to you, so we asked!  Here’s what some of our readers shared:


“It means seeing the world through a different set of lenses.”   -Karen, mother to Jonathan, 5


“It means patience, compassion and understanding.” -Colleen, special needs educator



“It has taught me to be a better person and a better mother.” -Lauren, mother of two boys with ASD




“Autism means being a little more unique than the rest.” -Adam, self-proclaimed Aspie, 22





“Autism means cherishing every milestone, every new word, every hug and every kiss. Each new stride brings me joy and hope.”  -Stephanie, mother to Max, 5



“It means knowing and understanding that my son learns at a different pace.” -Peter, father to Jason, 12



“Autism means giving my son the same opportunities as ‘typical’ children.” -Paul, father to Lucas, 7



“Autism means meltdowns and tough days. It means getting through the difficult times and pushing forward.” -Celeste, mother to Carly, 6



“Autism means facing the difficult moments as a family and showing our son unconditional love and support.” -Smith family